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A course, a seminar and a clinic about Basketball Statistics Analysis are the virtual learning environment created by eBA-Stats.com® using Moodle, a course management system (CMS). Our long term goal is to help the basketball game analyst to meet all their needs.
With a great success of 825 participants, concluded the nine first courses, seminars and clinics since the year 2006.
The last 2009 Course about Basketball Statistics Register concluded on August 2009, with a record number of 123 approved participants.

This was the last eBA Basketball Statistics Analysis Open Course till the 2011 Academic Year.

During the current year 2010, begining on Monday 1st. of March,in a collaborative project between the eBA Stats Team and the last four Academic Years graduates, a whole year Basketball Statistics Clinic ONLINE is being developed.
The eBA Stats Team and the Courses Graduates work in groups under the supervision of the Prof. Roberto Azar, in order to elaborate a new and final edition of the eBA System - The Basketball Statistics Creative Analysis.

The work is being developed throughout a Weekly Interactive Chat Clinic for each group, just as the Chat Clinic which takes place after each eBA Basketball Statistics Analysis Course.
We sincerely hope to succeed at this given goal and to present on December 28, 2010 ( our 12th. Anniversary on the Web ! ) the new edition of the eBA Basketball Statistics Analysis System eBook

In order to register to next clinics you must complete and send in the Application Form for a FULL MEMBERSHIP after registering our network in the eBA Portal; and we have today 1259 ( and possible more in this moment... see at our homepage, below on the left....) members qualified to edit their works in the site, veteran coaches and also participants of our basketball statistics clinics.
Also there are 646 publishers, registered members which publishes directly their works. They all, editors and publishers, are in the group which supports with their efforts and contributions this project called " eBA Stats GROUP "


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