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Basketball Statistics Clinic ONLINE
by Prof. Roberto Azar - Saturday, 27 February 2010, 06:43 AM
The eBA 128 Course, ended on March 22nd, is the last eBA Basketball Statistics Analysis Open Course till the 2011 Academic Year.

During the current year 2010, begining on Monday 1st. of March,in a collaborative project between the eBA Stats Team and the last four Academic Years graduates, a whole year Basketball Statistics Clinic ONLINE will take place.

The eBA Stats Team and the Courses Graduates will work in groups under the supervision of the Prof. Roberto Azar, in order to elaborate a new and final edition of the eBA System - The Basketball Statistics Creative Analysis.

The work will be developed throughout a Weekly Interactive Chat Clinic for each group, just as the Chat Clinic which takes place after each eBA Basketball Statistics Analysis Course. We sincerely hope to succeed at this given goal and to present on December 28, 2010 ( our 12th. Anniversary on the Web ! )the new edition of the eBA Basketball Statistics Analysis System eBook.